Eating and drinking our way through lesser-known food destinations.

Food Coma Television is a Knack Factory produced web series. Food + travel writer Joe Ricchio and socialite + bon vivant Joel Beauchamp bull-in-a-china-shop their way through lesser known destinations eating, drinking and musing on life, death, and everything in between.




Joe, Joel, Crisis and Samuel James talk records, race and what we mean when we say "American" food. They also visit Rory Ferreira, AKA milo, at soulfolks records.

Joe and Joel (joined by special guest Erin) return after a 6 year absence to talk funeral playlists and Steel Magnolia while eating their way through Presque Isle, Maine.

Joe, Joel, and a man named "KungFu Mike" [Michael Boulerice] get hot and naked, eat pizza, and talk about Dungeons and Dragons, gay saunas and En Vogue. As always, watch through the end titles to see some outtakes. Many thanks to Terlingua for making this episode possible.

Season Two

In Episode 11, we breathed fire, devoured authentic Mexican food, and were the guests of an Alpaca farming Shaman in Eastport, Maine.

In Episode 10, we meant to go to Damariscotta but the folks in Newcastle and Nobleboro persuaded us to party with them instead. We met the dudes at Oxbow Brewing and drank their beer, met pigs and ate pigs, drank mead, met (but did not eat) Oyster Pete, and drank more beer.

For Episode 9 we joined forces with Spose went to some outlet stores, ate our weight in fried clams, and "drank a lotta rosé."

For Episode 8 we went to Slates, The Liberal Cup, and Easy Street, where Joe said, "I don't get drunk a lot and I'm drunk," to which Joel replied in disbelief, "Did he just say he doesn't get drunk a lot?"

For Episode 7 we went to Westbrook, ate ice cream, drank in a secret bar, discussed the downsides to quitting cocaine, did shot after shot, and ate meat out of a truck.


Season One

For Episode 6, we went to the St. John Valley, where among many other things, we shot guns with a local badass, got [lovingly] made fun of for being from the big city, danced the night away with some cougars, and lost Joel. Yes, we lost Joel.

For Episode 5, we went to Sanford, a town it is pretty safe to say almost no one thinks of as an outpost for Maine food. In fact, we had en epic time bowling, drinking, eating, and drinking even more.

For Episode 4, we had the great fortune of sitting down with Anthony Bourdain and Chef Eric Ripert when they visited Portland, Maine for their Good v. Evil tour. They both were incredibly generous with their time and insight.

Episode 3 brings Joe and the gang to Lewiston / Auburn, where they overdose on every [food] item the twin cities have to offer.

Episode 2 brings Joe and the gang to the Fryeburg Fair, where he rocks it with carnies, attacks children on the bumper cars, eats fried everything, and discovers the big, old-timey woman who resides inside of him.

Episode 1 of Food Coma TV brings Joe and the gang to Bangor, Maine where he gets his fill at Fiddlehead, gets wrecked at Nocturnem, compounds said wreckage at Dysart's and somehow makes everything better with breakfast pizza and a beer at Giacamo's.



“Food Coma TV” comes back to life

The gang talks Food Coma with 207

WCSH 207

It was nearly a decade ago that food writer Joe Ricchio and some of his pals sent into an unsuspecting world a web series shot in Maine called Food Coma TV. The animating spirit of the show was that, when it comes to food and drink and good times, too much is never enough.

The Man Who Had Everything Figured Out

Joe Ricchio reflects on the life of Anthony Bourdain

Conway Daily Sun

On the morning of Friday, June 8, I woke up in a shitty hotel room in Ellsworth, Maine with a pounding headache from the previous evening’s excess. I was on the road filming two episodes of my web series, Food Coma TV, and it hadn’t taken long for things to plow off the rails. I rolled over to check my phone and noticed I had several texts and notifications, delivering news of probably the last thing I would have ever expected.

Anthony Bourdain had died by suicide.

What is Food Coma TV?

A New World for the Coma Junkies

Joe Ricchio

Based on gustatory adventurer Joe Ricchio’s cult foodie blog Portland Food Coma, Food Coma TV has had a revelatory first season. Centered around Ricchio’s widely entertaining personality and anchored by comic foil Joel Beauchamp, producer Alex Steed, and director of photography Kurt Graser, Food Coma TV has become a viral sensation in just three months.

Get Ready For Food Coma TV

Two food dudes team up to eat like Maine men

Food Republic

Anyone who loves to eat is intimately acquainted with the term “food coma.” For those of you who aren’t, it’s that feeling you get when you’ve eaten yourself into a sleepy stupor. Joe Ricchio, author of the blog Portland Food Coma and contributing editor to Maine Magazine’s “Eat Maine” teamed up with Alex Steed, communications strategist and founder of the sustainable dinner series Why Food Matters, to make a series about Maine eating, Food Coma TV.




Joe Ricchio is an author who specializes in food, drink, and travel. He is the food editor for Down East Magazine, in addition to freelancing for such publications as Bon Appetit, Vice, Boston Magazine,, First We Feast, and The Guardian. Food Coma Television is a spin-off of his popular blog of the same name. 

Joel Beauchamp is a socialite and bon vivant who specializes in the finer points of life. 

Knack Factory is a creative and commercial content production firm based in Portland, Maine. Director Kurt Graser and Producer Alex Steed are principals at the company.